Our Goals

One of the key factors for Steemians is easy access to information.

The information is out there, many a Steemian and Steemit inc. have gone to a lot of effort to make it all available. However, it is not specifically concentrated on any one segment of our ecosystem.

@witnesspage, as the name suggests, is a portal which concentrates on all our Steem Witnesses. Making it easy for any and all precise and relevant information and sources to be available in one place.

Links to @WitnessPage:

@witnesspage (on (current portal)

Transparent, Open & Public (TOP) Governance.

Promoting the items listed in the title here is one of the key goals of this project. As with every project it takes will power and dedication to achieve. As long as us Steemians aim to succeed where others haven't, we shall get there.

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@witnesspage on

"Follow ALL Our Witnesses"

When you FOLLOW @witnesspage on you shall receive ALL the relevant witness posts from ALL our witnesses in your feed.

Simply follow @witnesspage to follow all our witnesses & their witness related posts.

The relevant tags are:
#witness, #witness-category & #witness-update


Upvote ALL Our Witnesses!

Delegate to @witnesspage

It isn't easy to upvote everyone you want to and we can't all be online 24/7.

However, if you want to support ALL our witnesses with upvotes on all their witness related posts. Hence supporting the ideas of transparent, open and public governance too, you can do so simply by delegating to @witnesspage.

"People supporting People"


Going The Extra Mile!

It isn't easy being "new" to any platform!

Especially with all the information and opinions floating around.

So with a simple, straight forwards online source for information about witnesses, Steemians now have a one stop shop to get informed & better understand the roles and duties of our Witnesses.

Delegation made easy ""

If you are wondering how to delegate, then one simple solution is . Simply fill in your username, then @witnesspage, the amount you wish to delegate, click, check the names in the link and click "Delegate".  All transactions are via SteemConnect.