Steem is a blockchain and in line with the principles of blockchain technology transparency in all transactions is guaranteed. All votes are on the chain!



Steem has many front end apps hooked up to it. Steem prides itself on the fact that is has started a new era of social networking and human interaction!



No matter what front end (website) used that is hooked up to the Steem blockchain, all posts are made available to the public via Steemit.com!


Originally @witnesspage was going to be just an account on the Steem blockchain which resteemed all the relevant Steem witness posts.

That was a small, yet big thing in itself as it filled in a gap that existed. Steemians now have a place to go to and see ALL the relevant posts from ALL our Steem witnesses.

However, this service shall now expand. The first step being this simple web page with as much information and links needed to help Steemians find out all that is needed to be known about our Steem witnesses.

The plan is to expand even further in future and ensure as much transparency in the flow of information about our witness scene be made available openly and publicly.